The best free software for the interior design of your home

The best free software for the interior design of your home

While you are browsing the internet about architecture and interior design you are spending hours on planning your living space – don’t you think it’s better to plan your virtual room first? There are applications, books and instructions that you can buy or look at list of the best free online virtual programs for planning and designing the interior of your home ,for example bedroom ,kitchen, bathroom and office space without a need for any prior knowledge of the design.313-h_main-w

By this I mean – easy to use, without any knowledge about the use of the program for spacious planning. Here you will be able to do at the same time more than one task, for example you are able to choose from the galleries wall pattern or appearance of your final works and you can edit the room and space, but I have to emphasize that the most important is that all of this is free and ready for you – try the colors, here you can move walls, and all this without any purchase!

If you are interested in design for your home according to your needs and desires, why don’t you try the free online programs for design of the interior that we are going to present you below?

IKEA-Kitchen Planner
If you ever want to, while you are scrolling IKEA catalog, to see how would some shelf or table look like in your spaceikea don’t worry, because IKEA has free software that allows you to plan your new kitchen interior, changing models of appliances, cupboard and other elements for the kitchen without leaving your computer.
With this easy- to- use planning you can choose your floor plan for the space, select items from galleries of furniture and decor, and the program is then possible to calculate the cost and print a list of local IKEA store you can easily find out in advance how much your kitchen is going to cost. Isn’t that great? You will see how your room can look like and you will know all about total cost of your product at the same time.

IKEA is not the only one, there are so many sites that offer this kind of service, and it’s for free. The best thing about these sites is that you are actually can see the final look of your site without paying anything. You can play with colors, position of furniture in your bedroom or living room without bothering anyone of the members of your family to move it around the room.

create your own landscape design online freeWhether you are just going to play on the internet in a purpose of expanding your curiosity or you really want to change the appearance of your home these planning applications are definitely a good choice. Without any previous knowledge you make a masterpiece of your room, express your creativity and spare a lot of your precious time. We are aware of the fact that the time is the most important thing in this modern time. They don’t say in vain that “Time is money “and that treasure we should try to save.

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Your room can look like from the dream if you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

Your room can look like from the dream if you don’t believe us, try it yourself!

You want a change your space but you don’t have enough courage, then it is time to try it first online and all that will cost you not a single dime.

3Dream makes planning and decorating your space is very simple. With 3d-room-designer-c7eowm8w8a range of models, textures and materials in the gallery, you can easily create great 2D and 3D design rooms and share it with your friends.

SmartDraw, the name says itself; here we are talking about software for visual graphics and presentations. By this I mean on charts and graphs, like it is a graph of the project, timelines, marketing maps and flowcharts. Under the flowcharts you can find floor plans and individual plans of room.

This program lets you design, customization and presentation of drawings on the beginner and professional level. Use this application for the planning of office space, apartments, individual rooms and even entire floors of buildings. SmartDraw is ideal for individuals or a company that does not want to spend a lot on the programs to design the space. The program offers a free trial period, and if you are satisfied, you can buy the whole program.

With its almost infinite variety of furniture, cars, construction materials and preinstalled plans, SmartDraw offers a lot for little money. If you are computer proficient and enjoy the addition of many content and specifications to your design, this program is perfect for you.

* Programs that follow are for those individuals who do not want to spend a lot of time on the computer, and want to sketch drawings for contractors, workers or just want to have a hard line, not a hand-drawn sketch.

unnamed (1)9 Small Blue Printers: Floor Planner
Floor Planner online the best choice to make the floor plan. Just wonder yourself how many times did you have an idea but you were just missing a good plan, don’t you? This program gives you the ability to create a floor plan by dragging and dropping the walls, windows and doors. The advantage of this program is that it does not require prior knowledge of the design and decor. Simply upload, drop and print!
10 Small Blue Printer: Garden Planner
We have processed the best free online visual setup of floor plan, furniture and decor – but what about the garden? From the creators Floor Planner , comes Garden Planner, a tool for online garden design 9503311549_f2ff1b5913_zthat allows you to choose the landscape and designing its floor plan.
A similar sketch plan, the garden planner allows you to design and set up the walls, furniture and plants, all in one workspace. Click on a piece of furniture to see its dimensions and color, and it easy to change the menu of colors and shades to customize your design décor of your space in the garden.
By using this tool you will be able to make your own floor plan and be able not to imagine but to see the appearance of your future home.

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Home designing and what to pay attention to

Home designing and what to pay attention to

Designing and decorating your rooms is not an easy job as it seems. Before you start doing any Do it yourself project, you should educate yourself about the materials you should use, prices of the things you will need, decide on what do you want to change and what do you like in your apartment and want to remain the same. Designing is not usually work for unprofessional and the majority of people hires professional designers, if you have that enough resources for that, you must take advantage of that opportunity, you will be sorry.

Professional Designers know what is the most suitable style for your place, and they are familiar with the latest trends in interior designing. Home improvement in general is the thing people often entrust to professionals, however if you are resourceful person than you can keep yourself busy with Do It Yourself projects. These project can be found in various Interior design magazines, on TV shows from this domain, and of course on various blogs and websites. They often include how to and step by step instructions to make your job even easier.

When it comes to decorating, you cannot make a mistake, if you first surf the internet for mandatory ‘DO NOT’S’ and suggestions for decorating certain rooms. Decorating is a fun job, especially if you are a woman, since as we all know, all women are flowing about beautification of everything, not just their houses and apartments but also their clothes, their make-up, their boyfriend, their whole life.


Here are some guidelines you could try and then all would you have to do is to obtain needed supplies and get to work.

First rule of designing your rooms is spend your money on the things that will last more. Also designing based on your own taste sometimes turns out to failure, because of all the ideas that you want to apply and then mixing them all together. Before you decide what do you want to do, organize a quiet friendly evening, with your closest friend and relatives, the people you love and cherish, ask them about their opinion and maybe you will hear something better than your own ideas. That way your home won’t be soulless but instead it will reflect your personality and the personalities of your closest, making you and them feel really comfortable in your home.

Practicality is the condition and the most important thing in designing, make sure you maximized your practicality and functionality when choosing furniture and designing your interior.contemporary-home-decorating-styles
Other than practicality and functionality, quality of your furniture and other items is the absolute must have. Do not spend your money on something that won’t last, high quality products are certainly the best and their price is higher for a reason.

Now when you know which rules you should follow when designing and decorating you can get to work, and if you do not have ideas of your own, you should surf and find them online, there are many suggestions and ideas from professional bloggers that you could follow.

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How to embellish your home interior

How to embellish your home interior

Home improvement often refers to fixing your electrical or plumbing system,home-alarm-system improving your safety system and installation of different alarms, childproofing your home or other kind of repairs and improving your home, other than that the part of home improvement is also designing and not only interior designing but exterior too. All the changes you make on your apartment or on your house are in purpose of improving and embellishing your home environment. If you are not much of imaginative and resourceful person you can always call a professional interior or exterior designer depending on which part of the house you want to change, besides Interior designers often provide services for exterior designing too. If you cannot allocate that much money, since professional services are sometimes expensive, you can always find some Do IT Yourself projects around the Internet. Sit behind your computed and surf the internet, you will surely find something you like, besides we will give you some examples bellow. design-your-home-interior-2480x1480-on-home-interior-perfect-1024x611

The most houses and apartments today have neutral colors of their walls such as white and grey, since white rooms can sometimes give you the feeling like you are in a hospital, here are few tips for you to give it your personal touch and make it more welcoming and comfy.

1. Frame your window. Color the frame of your window or find the drapes that will make your window stand out from the room, do not be afraid to try different patterns, textures and vibrant color, enter the sparkle into your room and your life too.

2. Put some color everywhere. We all know that painting your walls is the fastest and the most effective way to change and refresh the look of your rooms, another coat of a fresh white paint will narrow-home-interiors-room-colors-2surely make your room feel fresher and cleaner, that combined with a little color in an unexpected place will give your living or dining room stylish and modern look. Colored doors are the latest trend in Home Interior Designing, so why don’t you enter a little color in your world and paint your white room doors with black or red color, that will be the personification of elegance and luxury.

3. The second best way to quickly change your home interior is changing the lighting. Professional designers say that the absolute must have are 4 different types of lighting. The first natural light, the big windows and mirrors around your home are the best instruments for achieving perfect natural lighting. Overhead – Ambient lighting, chandeliers in your living room, a few light bulbs (if possible in different shapes) above your kitchen island and you are good.

Lighting which purpose is to illuminate certain place in your room such as little LED lights installed in your bookshelf next to your comfortable chair in a reading corner. And last but not the least accent lighting such as sconces placed in your bathroom, that will give it a luxurious and expensive style, especially if combined with expensive looking carpet with Turkish style patterns.

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Home improvement of today: sweeping, cleaning, painting…

Home improvement of today: sweeping, cleaning, painting…

Colors create a pleasant atmosphere in the living rooms and let them appear visually larger or smaller. Whether in classic white, in soft colors or in bright shades: thanks to the variety of wall colors, the design ideas are no limits. With our tips and tricks on the subject of painting and color painting, both experienced handyman, as well as beginners, can get at a high level with little exercise. Hiring a master painter is time-saving, convenient and gives certainly a good result. However, it can also pay the painter this job well. Who does not have enough money or a thrifty person is, the renovation leads so better by itself. Who noticed some things while painting conceded this a good result even as an amateur. How to do this you can read here and in the following text.101513008_p_0

Emphasize first corners and ceilings First, you should emphasize using a flat brush or corner roller, the “seams”. These are the transitions between the walls and ceiling, room corners, baseboards, door and window frames and the areas around switches and fixtures. Who wants to underline the ceiling, begins with the ceiling. If the ceiling is painted by the walls, splashes of color could affect the working result. So: better to paint the walls after the ceiling. Roll ensured with straight, overlapping paths, because it is a uniform coating.

How often to sweep?
The desire for rapid change with roller and brush, you should not come regularly, because four to five times swept walls as sealed and “breathe” no longer.
color-chaning-wall_1Wall colors mostly consist of synthetic resin dispersions, binders and solvents. This interesting word dispersion means fragmentation and points out that the components of the colors are finely dispersed and not dissolved. As a binder for the ink pigments are alkyd resins or latex used. Mainly water is used as solvent.
The color in the practical coating pan is very easy to work with. In addition, solid colors cover particularly well, due to their high pigment content. Solid color is available in matt and satin gloss, each in white and many shades blended finished.

Creamy color It is especially easy and clean to use the drip-inhibited creamy consistency. It has good opacity and high coverage.

Liquid color
The fine consistency of liquid dispersions allows a particularly simple swipe. Their strong opacity allows high ranges. Therefore, liquid colors suitable especially for large areas.
In addition to colors which are water-based, there are also those that are based on solvents. They are usually found among the paints and are, for example, for the painting of furniture used. The obtained surface when painting is smoother, harder and more resistant than that of water-soluble emulsion paints. Gloss paints are usually the solvent-based paints. When processing, it should be kept in mind that these paint colors are less environmentally friendly and the drying time lasts longer than with water-based paints. This is why is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to adequate ventilation during and after painting.134723412-1024x701

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Home improvement of today: Protecting against burglars

Home improvement of today: Protecting against burglars

Leaving your home vulnerable to thefts while you are not at home is the last thing you want to do. Having a dog is good choice, but it is not enough definitely. Therefore, you should protect home with an additional protection against burglar or with some special locks. It is not only on the obvious weaknesses, how to respect windows or doors, but also shutters, cellar hatches and in-house construction. What resources are available and what resistance classes offer the best protection against burglary for houses and apartments, we will tell you here.burglar-prevention-pic

Previously it was believed that burglars worked under cover of night but nowadays it happens almost every second during the day. While the inhabitants have to leave the regulated times the house for your profession or weekly purchases, burglars use the opportunity to gain entry. Therefore, residents should protect their house and apartment around the clock in front of a burglary. This happens both with mechanical protective measures for locks, doors and windows as well as with simple safety tips that can convert every consumer:

Window-drafts1. Completing apartment doors and close all windows
The simplest protection, making it difficult for the burglars, is the closure of the house and apartment door. This is not enough, incurring only the door, because the perpetrators can use simple tools. The same applies to open-ended or open window in the tilted position, which is not the problem to burglars with prior knowledge. Always connect all windows and lock the door, – the garden door.

2. Simulate presence on holiday On holiday especially, you can be alone for a long time. Burglars will not pay attention to the abandoned apartment -you should ask neighbors to empty the mailbox regularly, to pull up the blinds and in the evening to let down again. In addition, it is useful to inform the insurance company.

3. Mechanical burglary protection
Old doors and windows not only provide an energy loss and higher heating costs, but also represent vulnerability. Thus, door locks can be no security fitting – with the right tools pull in a short time, or open-violent means of lock picking. Of course, you can’t protect it from ramming and other modern tools which are used these days.


4. Install alarm systems Alarm systems are available for doors and windows in different versions and distribute most burglars while they are trying to get into the house. Those who want to protect their house with such an investment, can learn here how to integrate various alarm systems. Alarms systems can be sometimes really expensive and can bring much more misery than interesting usage. For instance, in some areas a dog could do but if you are having a lot of money then you can install alarms.

5. Enlightenment for burglary protection

Residents, who are not sure what protective measures are appropriate for their property, can seek advice at the police station or in stores for free. There are all sorts of solutions against burglaries.

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